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Apple EasyPay is a new method of self-checkout payment that is now available in Apple stores.

I first found out about it a few weeks ago when I was in the Apple store in Manchester buying a new lightning cable for my iPhone. A very happy and helpful sales assistant actually took the time to explain to me that I could now pay for items myself via my iPhone, here’s how it works.

First things first you will need to have the Apple Store app installed, and yes, that means you will need a portable Apple device to use the payment method, this means an iPhone more than likely though I believe you can download the Apple Store on iPads and iPods too.

Apple EasyPayWhen you get to the Apple store your device will need to be connected to the stores wifi network in order to use the service, once you connect you will find the EasyPay option when opening the Apple Store app.

Tapping on EasyPay allows you to scan products using your devices camera, and go on to checkout and pay.

You will need to have a payment method attached to your iTunes account as this is how payment is taken. The helpful assistant informed me that I could pay for items up to a value of £400, which I guess includes pretty much anything on the shop floor that you can pickup.

Once you’ve paid for your items your receipt is emailed to you as usual and you are given the chance to view your receipt on your device.

One of the questions the system actually throws up is how security is handled. My guess is that the store marks the items you buy as purchased on their system stopping any alarms from being activated when leaving the shop, but I haven’t managed to find any further information on this.

The odd thing about the experience was that even in the knowledge that I had paid for my lightning cable I still felt oddly guilty, as though I was doing something wrong as I left the shop. The result was that I left, no doubt looking incredibly guilty, glancing over my shoulder to see if I were being chased!

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